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Winners 2015

CD 1

  1. Here's To You & I The Mcclymonts
  2. Fight Me Mcalister Kemp
  3. That Kinda Night The Wolfe Brothers
  4. What Your Love Looks Like Adam Brand
  5. Like A Tornado Morgan Evans
  6. Give Her The World Adam Eckersley Band
  7. Wheelbarrow Kasey Chambers
  8. Blood Meridian Jenny Queen
  9. Superhero Amber Lawrence
  10. Deep End Jared Porter
  11. Wish You Were A Cowboy Christie Lamb
  12. Skinny Flat White Harmony James
  13. Heart Of Sorrow Lyn Bowtell
  14. Just Don't Ask Me How I Am Jasmine Rae
  15. Family Life Adam Harvey
  16. Canoe Sara Storer
  17. Three Brothers (The Great War) Luke O'Shea

CD 2

  1. Clouds Over Tamworth John Williamson
  2. Candle Creek Mustered Courage
  3. Old Hickory 8 Ball Aitken
  4. Riders Of The Kimberley Terry Bennetts/ian Simpson
  5. Take Me To The Mountains Davidson Brothers
  6. Making Hay Simply Bushed
  7. Bloodwood & Clover Dean Perrett
  8. One Of Those Nights Lou Bradley
  9. Truckstop Flowers Luke O'shea & Aleyce Simmonds
  10. One Heartbreak Away Kristy Cox
  11. That Day In Cunnamulla Tom Maxwell
  12. When We Were Young And Stupid Allan Caswell
  13. Jack Bridle Dianne Lindsay
  14. He's Droving Once Again Graham Rodger
  15. Young Gun Michael Fix
  16. It's All About Love John Williamson & Beccy Cole
  17. My Country My Land Dean Perrett & Troy Cassar-Daley

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