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Call Of The Bellbird Vol 2

Singing Kettles
John Vaughan
Shorty Ranger
Trevor Day
Les Partell
Harry & Wilga Williams
Bandy Bill & Co
Colin James
John Minson
Lindsay Butler
Norm Bodkin
Buddy Weston
Ian Quinn
Tex Williams
Michael Cook
Natalie Wood
Felicity Urquahart
Stephen Bunz
Harold Williams
Rex Dallas

Call of The Bellbird
The Old Valve Radio
The man From Nulla Nulla
That Red Headed Kid
This Here Is An Akubra (Not A Hat)
Blue Gums Calling Me Back Home
Modern Day Swaggies
The Last Of The Wild West Shows
The Real McCoy
Tenterfield Sunset
Fender Bender
Wilburts Waltz
Catchin Barramundi
Bottom Of The Harbour Job
So Blue
Who Were You Thinking Of
Sweet Music Man
Trapped Like A Bird
Truck Drivin’ Man
Yodelling Mad


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