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Regal Zonophone

Disc 1

  1. When The Rain Tumbles Down In July
  2. My Faded Dream
  3. How Can I Smile When I'm Lonely
  4. Been A Fool Too Long
  5. You Don't Know How Sad I Feel
  6. Modern Yodelling Song
  7. My Moonlight Trail To You
  8. My Aussie Home
  9. Give Me One More Chance
  10. Sat'Day In The Saddle
  11. My Pony Whipstick
  12. My Happy Valley Home
  13. Stay Away From Me
  14. A Song Of Granny
  15. Springtime In The Range
  16. Why Worry Now
  17. Answer To THe Silvery Moonlight Trail
  18. I Bet You Feel The Same
  19. Sun Valley Rose
  20. Good Old Santa Claus
  21. Whisky Blues
  22. You Made Me Live, Love And Die
  23. The Grandest Homestesd Of All
  24. Dolly Dimple Dance

Disc 2

  1. When The Sun Goes Down Outback
  2. When The Harvest Days Are Over Jessie Dear
  3. Rusty It's Goodbye
  4. Losin' My Blues Tonight
  5. Rose Of Remembrance
  6. The Rain Still Tumbles Down
  7. When I First Seen The Lovelight In Your Eyes
  8. I Must Have Good Terbaccy When I Smoke
  9. Baby Of My Dreams
  10. Goldy Girl
  11. The Sunlander
  12. The Showman's Song
  13. The Bushland Boogie
  14. Any Old Time
  15. Lover's Lament
  16. Frankie And Johnny
  17. If Only I Had Some Home Sweet Home
  18. The Broken Home
  19. Take My Worries Away
  20. The Swagman's Story
  21. Mother
  22. Our Wedding Waltz
  23. A Little Girl Dressed In Blue
  24. Old Love Letters


  1. Lonesome Road Of Tears
  2. King Bundawaal
  3. Range Of Glory
  4. Runaway Heart
  5. Barndance Selection
  6. Since The Bushland Boogie Came This Way
  7. Just Saddle Old Darkie
  8. The Rodeo Dance
  9. Sunny Northern Rose
  10. Rutland Rodeo
  11. Harry The Breaker
  12. Queensland State So Fair
  13. Walkin' On My Way
  14. Gumtrees By The Roadway
  15. Pastures Of Home
  16. Dreamin' On The Slip Rain
  17. Roaring Wheels
  18. The Nature Of The Man
  19. Saddle Boy
  20. Pub With No Beer



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