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Slim Dusty 91 Over 50

  1. Born A Travelling Man (Live)
  2. I Hope They Fight Again (Live)
  3. A Word To Texas Jack (Live)
  4. How Will I Go With Him Mate? (Live)
  5. Must've Been A Hell Of A Party (Live)
  6. Gumtrees By The Roadway (Live)
  7. Do You Think That I Do Not Know (Live)
  8. Ned Kelly Was A Gentleman (Live)
  9. Cattlecamp Crooner (Live)
  10. Ringer's Stomp (Live)
  11. Duncan (Live)
  12. Kelly's Offsider (Live)
  13. When The Rain Tumbles Down In July (Live)
  14. The Flood Of '95
  15. Old Time Country Halls (Live)
  16. Henry Lawson
  17. Cattle Camp Crooner (Live)

Price: $ 20.00

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